One mans trash is “The Junk Kings” treasure.

One mans trash is “The Junk Kings” treasure.

When I come out here I disappear into my own little world.  This is my secret fort.  I can come out here and let my imagination go wild.

Vince Hannemann

Tucked away on a quite suburban street in Austin lives the Junk King.  His master piece is a 60-ton, 33 foot-high structure nicknamed “The Cathedral of Junk”.  The word Cathedral is carefully handwritten on the white picket fence to welcome visitors to his junk castle.  This is a great video into the world of a fascinating man. Vince Hannemann, known as The Junk King, has been collecting unwanted objects since 1989.

Mundane objects have meaning and significance, particularly for The Junk King.  Deeming it unsafe, in 2010 the city forced him to close his oasis. Hundreds of volunteers rallied to help rebuild his hideaway and bring it back to the grandeur seen in the video. The documentary does a great job showing someone who found his passion –  One man’s trash is truly this man’s treasure.

Who make this Documentary?

  • Directed by Evan Burns
  • Cinematography by Garyle Morgan & Mitzi Morrow
  • Produced by Eduardo Tobias
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