Unlike you – Rohan hunts, fishes and gathers his own food.

Unlike you – Rohan hunts, fishes and gathers his own food.

I am a person that takes care of my own food. I hunt, fish, gather. I cook all my own food. That lifestyle appeals to people because it offers an alternative to what people aren’t living. 


Rohan Anderson’s obsession of hunting, fishing and gathering his own food began when he was a young boy. He grew up on a small Gippsland farm in Victoria with his mom, who inspired him to live a self-sufficient life. Eating what the land provides has always fascinated Rohan.

When the opportunity arose, Rohan had the crazy idea of building a log cabin smokehouse. This video does a good job of capturing Rohan’s lifestyle. He likes the idea of learning a process for himself, by himself. His story shows how a vision can become a reality.

Along his journey, many mistakes were made. That is how Rohan learns. He remembers those failures and celebrates the successes. The video accurately exposes Rohan’s fascination with building a food community. He wants to share with friends and family who appreciate good food.

Rohan does a good job of enjoying the simplicity life has to offer. If we did not live such structured, rigid, busy, stressful lives, Rohan believes we would be able to grow our own food and provide for our families. His beliefs go back thousands of years. If people cared a little more of where their food came from we would have healthier people but we would also have a healthy environment too.

Who made this Documentary?:

  • Presented by Smith Journal 
  • A film by Commoner
  • Featuring Rohan Anderson
  • Directed and edited by Mark Welker
  • Cameras by Aaron Cuthbert, George Husband, Mark & Monique Welker
  • Music by Nathan Hollywood
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