Jon Contino’s art is not special. Yet.

February 14, 2013 by Interesting Human in Inspiration Story 0 comments
Jon Contino’s art is not special. Yet.

I don’t want to plateau at any point. I don’t want to hit a point where I am just happy with what I am doing. As soon as I am happy with what I am doing I can’t imagine I would be happy.


Jon Contino, a 29-year-old designer from Greenpoint, Brooklyn, has always had a vibrant fascination with lettering and logos. The video accurately portrays Jon as a passionate artist who is constantly thriving to be a better designer and person. Jon’s story shows what is possible with dedication. He feels he has been able to achieve success. Yet, it was not without hard work. Throughout the video he recognizes this.

Jon finds inspiration in the people and things around him. He continuously wants to produce meaningful art. Jon’s story is a true motivation. In the video he talks about the need to “step it up.” Jon always wants to be better, to do better.  He stops short however of calling himself special. He believes maybe in the future he will be. Jon is well on his way. He will see, one day, that he has already set himself apart.

Camera by, Directed by and Edited by: Kevin Steen
Camera: Michael Clarke
Sound: Jack Steen
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