This documentary on Ana Kraš is inspirational and its obvious.

This documentary on Ana Kraš is inspirational and its obvious.

Surround yourself with objects, people and hopefully situations that you want.

Todays documentary comes to us from The Avant/Garde Diaries.  What I found most interesting about Ana is how the long, manual work she does serves as meditation. She wants to design objects that feel comfortable and user friendly. This theme of ease is vibrant throughout the video. Since moving to the United States Ana says she lives in a different world now. I imagine this change creates great inspirations.

Ana says we are not aware of inspirations when we are receiving them, they are often not very obvious.  The idea of looking into a world from the outside gives endless possibilities for creative ideas that may have otherwise been overlooked. When designing Ana thinks, what can I make with my own hands? Ana thinks back to the basics, little things that can give new twists. She does this by surrounding herself with objects, people and situations that inspire her.

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Directed by Andrew Neel
Produced by Callie Barlow & Tom Davis 
Director of Photography: Ethan Palmer 
Sound by Michael Silvestri 
Edited by Matt Burke 
Music by Devendra Banhart 
Additional Music by Jonn Ollsin



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