The Pixel Painter // by Josh Bogdan & Ryan Lasko

“When I lost my eyesight, I thought that my painting days were over”.   A touching and uplifting portrait from Ryan Lasko and Josh Bogdan about Ryan’s grandfather, Hal, who worked as a graphic designer before computers were utilized in the industry.  After being diagnosed with blindness in the center of his vision, he turned to Microsoft Paint as a way to overcome his medical limitations.  Hal’s youthful spirit shines through his vibrant Pixel Paintings- where he thinks the pixilation- is the best part.  The title of his newest creation, Space Highways, is a reflection of Hal’s ability to embrace the future and to happily step into the unknown.   Director: Josh Bogdan ( Director: Ryan Lasko ( Editor/Writer: Josh Bogdan Director of Photography: Topaz Adizes ( Original Music: Jarrod Pedone ( Original Music: Tyler H. Brown ( See more work at Copyright Notice All artwork images used in this video are the exclusive property of Harold Lasko. All rights reserved. Any other use of these artwork images, without expressed written consent is strictly prohibited.

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Creative Compulsive Disorder & Remembering Zina Nicole Lahr // by Stormy Pyeatte

A great video from Stormy Pyeatte about a fascinating artist, Zina Nicole Lehr, who shares some of her creations with us- ranging from a dreamy flashlight parasol to a gigantic tarantula puppet made for a television show. She somehow, magically, manages to speak with mature certainty and elegance combined with the wonder of a young child. In her whimsical tone, she tells us, “so if it’s trash or junk, or things that people would normally throw away, I try to find ways to re-fabricate them into something useful and beautiful”.  A film by Zina Lehr & Stormy Pyeatte

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The Heat // by Chris Eversole
November 29, 2013 by Joseph Litzinger in Inspiration, Story 0 Comments

“One day I just got up and said I want some kind of focus!”     Director // Cinematographer // Photographer c

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Jack // by Grace Jackson
October 21, 2013 by Joseph Litzinger in Inspiration, Story 0 Comments

Life has its problems; it’s how well you can contend with those problems that will be the result. JACK Jack lives a simple life – a life he always wanted.  36 years ago, he built a remote cabin 5 miles from anywhere.  He first fell in love with the land at age 11 and it looks exactly like it did 80 years ago.  It’s a place that doesn’t change, it seems to be just the same, and that’s unusual anywhere you go and exactly what Jack wants. CREDITS: Film/Edit :  Grace Jackson    

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Duct Tape Surfing // by Mark Tipple
September 16, 2013 by Joseph Litzinger in Inspiration, Story 0 Comments

If we go to different waves and meet different people and show them what you can do and what they can do, it may not be their dream but for them to follow their own dream and to concentrate on the positive in life. PASCALE HONORE & TYRON SWAN Pascale Honore loves surfing.  But after a near-fatal accident her surfing days were over – or so she thought.  Tyron Swan, a family friend  came up with duct tape surfing. At the time he didn’t realize the impact his idea would have and the inspiration he would become.  He was seemingly just helping out a friend.  With determination (and duct tape) Pascale achieved her dream to surf. Her outlook is contagious and her beauty for life worth sharing. CREDITS: Film/Edit : Mark Tipple | Music : Halfway House, Apricot Rail |

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Mixed Medium Painter: Devin Troy Strother // by Thrash Lab

“I am kind of moving towards this whole dialogue between me and little black people and the black people are aware they are in the painting and that I am the creator and we are working together to make these compositions.” DEVIN TROY STROTHER Devin Troy Strother creates paintings that resemble his unique perspective.  He reaches out to art and design blogs that might showcase his work; in the chance they will post about his art (like we did!).   He believes in social media as a way to get his work seen by more people. A good example of Devin’s inspiration is a story where, in passing, he heard someone say, “she walked really black past me”. He took this phrase and let his imagination run wild.  On a single piece of paper Devin drew a person. He cut his drawing out, painted him and glued him to his paper. It looks like they are in the space but out at the same time and that’s how the collage painting came to be.  Devin’s passion is evident throughout his work. More videos by: Thrash Lab More work by Devin.  

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Wouldn’t you like to be alive and doing what you love when you’re 94.

Age isn’t important, its what you’re doing at that age thats important. HY SNELL Sure it’s a documentary that Phizer paid to have made but it doesn’t make it less interesting. Hy Snell is an inspiring 94-year-old man whose passion is painting.  This video, part of the “Get Old” campaign, aims to spread positive awareness on aging by showcasing stories such as the one made about Hy. Ironically, (or perhaps pointedly) Hy does not think about growing old. Happiness is important to Hy and he gets happiness from painting, so he paints.   It is this pleasure that makes him want to continue.  Even with the realization that one day he may go blind, he vows to never give up painting and make the best art he can. Hy’s outlook on life is contagious. He is happy in his simple world of creativity and I am happy watching him in it.   Video Credits: Production Company | Post Production | Creative Collective: Variable Director | Editor: Jonathan Bregel Executive Producer: Tyler Ginter Producer: Alex Friedman Production Supervisor: Paige DeMarco Production Coordinator: Alexandra Van Voorst van Beest Cinematographer | Photographer | Colorist: Khalid Mohtaseb Art Director: Joseph Sciacca 1st AC | DIT : Dan Stewart Sound […]

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Sarah found what made her happy and held on tight.

Its almost as if I’m not thinking about what I’m doing, my breathing changes, my mind just kind of clears and I go to a different place SARAH DINARDO It started with Chiquita Banana Stickers. Everyone has a vice – and Sarah DiNardo’s is rolling tape. At a young age, Sarah’s mom not only taught her to see the beauty in something for what it was but also for what something could potentially become. Sarah’s story is an inspirational one for it is very unique. Odd? Maybe. But that’s what makes the documentary fascinating. Sarah’s passion for making art out of rolling stickers helps her achieve the stillness, peace and happiness she craves. For Sarah, the resistance of pulling your fingers off of something sticky and exploring what you are holding is exciting. Sarah’s message is strong – find what makes you happy and hold on tight. Directed, Filmed and Edited by: Gnarly bay productions, Inc.  For more info on Sara – Visit:

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Everything is Incredible, including this documentary.

The problem is that everything is incredible and people don’t accept it.  AGUSTIN Agustin, is a severely disabled Honduran man who has been building a homemade helicopter for 50 years. What began as a 3-month project continues to this day.  Despite being confined to a wheel chair, Agustin is full of life, is passionate about his work and believes everything is incredible. Agustin has a keen, patient mind. I was blown away by his devotion. He cannot fly a helicopter and so he is going to build one instead.  This helicopter is symbolic of so much more. As the video has captured, it has kept him alive and conquered his loneliness.  Throughout the video I found myself cheering for Agustin. I hope his helicopter will one day fly. I want to believe his final design will be a successful one. Directed, Filmed and Edited by: Tyler Bastian If you are interested in helping Agustin with his dream go to 

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This documentary on Ana Kraš is inspirational and its obvious.

Surround yourself with objects, people and hopefully situations that you want. Todays documentary comes to us from The Avant/Garde Diaries.  What I found most interesting about Ana is how the long, manual work she does serves as meditation. She wants to design objects that feel comfortable and user friendly. This theme of ease is vibrant throughout the video. Since moving to the United States Ana says she lives in a different world now. I imagine this change creates great inspirations. Ana says we are not aware of inspirations when we are receiving them, they are often not very obvious.  The idea of looking into a world from the outside gives endless possibilities for creative ideas that may have otherwise been overlooked. When designing Ana thinks, what can I make with my own hands? Ana thinks back to the basics, little things that can give new twists. She does this by surrounding herself with objects, people and situations that inspire her. Take a look at The Avant/Garde Diaries for more great content like the video posted: THEAVANTGARDEDIARIES.COM FACEBOOK.COM/THEAVANTGARDEDIARIES Directed by Andrew Neel Produced by Callie Barlow & Tom Davis  Director of Photography: Ethan Palmer  Sound by Michael Silvestri  Edited by Matt Burke Music by […]

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Oliver’s mind is filled with thoughts begging to be released.

I’m really lucky, I get to do what I love for a living.  I feel a sense of responsibility to enjoy that as much as a I can.  OLIVER JEFFERS “Im really lucky, I get to do what I love for a living” – if there ever was a quote summing up the videos posted on IH, this would be it.  Running at 2:30, this documentary is super short but it’s a great example of what we hope this site will be.  Watching this video, you really get a sense of Oliver’s passion for drawing and telling stories and its clear Oliver loves being a storybook artist. Similar to Oliver, the storytelling in this video is unique, creative and fun to watch. I enjoyed seeing the way he works. He never knows when he’ll get a new idea and that spontaneity is fun to participate in.  For Oliver, storytelling is a fascinating platform for putting together the words and pictures he feels compelled to share. Without this outlet, they would stay locked in his mind.  What’s locked in your mind?   Directed, Filmed and Edited by: Mac Premo   

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Step 1 – Buy an iPhone. Step 2 – become a world renowned photographer.

Find somewhere you want to explore, drive there and try 1 night and shoot the next day and it can become as obsession.  That’s how it happened for me.  I found myself doing it full time.  KEVIN RUSS Kevin Russ travels the country photographing his journey using just his iPhone.  And his pictures are setting the photography world ablaze.   His message to fans – what I do, anyone can. As he travels he spends most of his nights sleeping in his car. He smiles, his eye light up as he talks about his experiences. Kevin is truly passionate about his work. Kevin chose Instagram as a place to post his photos because of its sense of community. Wildlife is his favorite because of its challenge and he never knows what to expect. His favorite moment was just that – unexpected. He came face-to-face with a herd of moose. Wildlife is also where Kevin gets his inspiration from, which is why he constantly likes to surround himself in this world. Directed, Filmed and Edited by: Max Monty  

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This man is behind you but you cant see him – a movie projectionist.
February 16, 2013 by Joseph Litzinger in Inspiration, Story 4 Comments

I spent more time with these projectors then I spend with my family. RIDWANN FRIDLE I have long been an admirer of Philip Bloom’s videos.  They’re beautiful, slow and methodical.  And his documentary on Ridwaan Fridle is a great example of why I created this site in the first place.  Ridwaan has a passion for projectors, Philip has a passion for photography, and I have a passion for learning about new people. Throughout daily life we pass thousands of people and each one of them has some kind of story to tell.  Ridwaan spent 50 years getting to the point at which this documentary was shot and in seven minutes you can see the passion that propelled his life.  Ironically though – like Philip Blooms work, we are moving away from celluloid and towards a digital medium.  In the video, Ridwaan gets very emotional about the possibility of being out of work.  But even as we move towards digital, I think there will always be something special about seeing a movie with actual film projected from an actual projectionist.  I hope Ridwaan, Phillip and everyone with a passion aren’t out of work anytime soon. Directed, Filmed and Edited by: Philip […]

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