Bill Moggridge is dead but he lived an amazing life. 1943-2012

Bill Moggridge is dead but he lived an amazing life. 1943-2012

I’ve thought of my career I suppose in 3 basic phases. First was being a designer myself. The second phase was a manger of design teams or helping interdisciplinary teams of people work together and then I thought of myself more as a storyteller. Then I thought it might be possible to do that on a national scale and design an international design authority, perfect for storytelling.


Bill Moggridge’s life was clearly an influential one. The stories of his ideas, empathy, drive, bubbly personality and warm, radiant smile are evident in this video. Bill was an industrial designer; he was a real visionary. Bill helped invent the notion of interaction design. The video does a great job at showing Bill’s way of thinking. He was driven by what he could learn, what was new to learn about. It’s evident that his ability to be a great listener helped him to exceed. He always wanted to be better, to work together, to bring success.

It is fascinating to watch Bill’s life unfold in the video. He is a spectacular human being. He saw the world from his design perspective. It shows in every facet of his life. It was never about Bill. His ideas came from understanding people. He wanted to know, what gives them rewards, what gives them pleasures, what’s exciting?  He knew he could make his designs better if he talked to other people, experts in other fields.

His legacy shines bright. His belief that the more diverse the team, the better the ideas were, made him a great leader. Bill believed that, the shared mind is more powerful than individual minds or even the sum of the individual minds.

Bill will not be forgotten. His ideas continue to inspire. To Bill, the world, the people were truly stimulating. It’s interesting that as so many things change around us to know the evolution of technologies and social relationships and so on it’s the simple, easy principle that binds everything together. It’s about starting with the people.

Who made this Documentary?

  • Source: Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum
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