Mixed Medium Painter: Devin Troy Strother // by Thrash Lab

Mixed Medium Painter: Devin Troy Strother // by Thrash Lab

“I am kind of moving towards this whole dialogue between me and little black people and the black people are aware they are in the painting and that I am the creator and we are working together to make these compositions.”


Devin Troy Strother creates paintings that resemble his unique perspective.  He reaches out to art and design blogs that might showcase his work; in the chance they will post about his art (like we did!).   He believes in social media as a way to get his work seen by more people.

A good example of Devin’s inspiration is a story where, in passing, he heard someone say, “she walked really black past me”. He took this phrase and let his imagination run wild.  On a single piece of paper Devin drew a person. He cut his drawing out, painted him and glued him to his paper. It looks like they are in the space but out at the same time and that’s how the collage painting came to be. 

Devin’s passion is evident throughout his work.

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