Duct Tape Surfing // by Mark Tipple

September 16, 2013 by Joseph Litzinger in Inspiration Story 0 comments
Duct Tape Surfing // by Mark Tipple

If we go to different waves and meet different people and show them what you can do and what they can do, it may not be their dream but for them to follow their own dream and to concentrate on the positive in life.


Pascale Honore loves surfing.  But after a near-fatal accident her surfing days were over – or so she thought.  Tyron Swan, a family friend  came up with duct tape surfing. At the time he didn’t realize the impact his idea would have and the inspiration he would become.  He was seemingly just helping out a friend.  With determination (and duct tape) Pascale achieved her dream to surf. Her outlook is contagious and her beauty for life worth sharing.


Film/Edit : Mark Tipple

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Music : Halfway House, Apricot Rail
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