Everything is Incredible, including this documentary.

Everything is Incredible, including this documentary.

The problem is that everything is incredible and people don’t accept it. 


Agustin, is a severely disabled Honduran man who has been building a homemade helicopter for 50 years. What began as a 3-month project continues to this day.  Despite being confined to a wheel chair, Agustin is full of life, is passionate about his work and believes everything is incredible.

Agustin has a keen, patient mind. I was blown away by his devotion. He cannot fly a helicopter and so he is going to build one instead.  This helicopter is symbolic of so much more. As the video has captured, it has kept him alive and conquered his loneliness.  Throughout the video I found myself cheering for Agustin. I hope his helicopter will one day fly. I want to believe his final design will be a successful one.

Directed, Filmed and Edited by: Tyler Bastian

If you are interested in helping Agustin with his dream go to igg.me/p/319117/x/29265 

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