Wouldn’t you like to be alive and doing what you love when you’re 94.

Wouldn’t you like to be alive and doing what you love when you’re 94.

Age isn’t important, its what you’re doing at that age thats important.


Sure it’s a documentary that Phizer paid to have made but it doesn’t make it less interesting. Hy Snell is an inspiring 94-year-old man whose passion is painting.  This video, part of the “Get Old” campaign, aims to spread positive awareness on aging by showcasing stories such as the one made about Hy.

Ironically, (or perhaps pointedly) Hy does not think about growing old. Happiness is important to Hy and he gets happiness from painting, so he paints.   It is this pleasure that makes him want to continue.  Even with the realization that one day he may go blind, he vows to never give up painting and make the best art he can.

Hy’s outlook on life is contagious. He is happy in his simple world of creativity and I am happy watching him in it.


Video Credits:

Production Company | Post Production | Creative Collective: Variable
Director | Editor: Jonathan Bregel
Executive Producer: Tyler Ginter
Producer: Alex Friedman
Production Supervisor: Paige DeMarco
Production Coordinator: Alexandra Van Voorst van Beest
Cinematographer | Photographer | Colorist: Khalid Mohtaseb
Art Director: Joseph Sciacca
1st AC | DIT : Dan Stewart
Sound Mixer: Anthony Viera
Assistant Editors: Dan Stewart, Jeff Levine
Motion Graphics: Maha Mohtaseb
Creative Assistants: Ashley Horton, Michelle Brooks, Dotsie Bregel

Client: Pfizer
Agency: Edelman
Creative Development & Casting: Edelman & Variable
Executive Creative Director: Jimmie Stone
Executive Producer: TJ Sponzo
Copy Supervisor: Kristen Dietrich

Original Score: Keith Kenniff
Unseen Music, 2013 | unseen-music.com

Sound Mix & Design: Brooklyn Post Studio

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  1. Audrey
    May 4, 2015

    I am inspired by his outlook on life. If only everyone would face the challenges life throws our way in this same manner. Is he selling his paintings?

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