Lunch Atop a Skyscraper // by Éamonn Ó Cualáin

April 26, 2017 by Joseph Litzinger in Inspiration 0 comments
Lunch Atop a Skyscraper // by Éamonn Ó Cualáin

“Their attitude, I think, their casualness, the indifference to the risk that they’re taking, is what separates the photograph.”

Sadly, we may never know the identities of these “men at lunch” 800 feet above the ground in Manhattan. But this iconic photograph perfectly captures the pioneer spirit driving the vertical expansion of New York City in 1932, and portrays the courage and pride that these eleven immigrants exhibit in their work.

Executive Producer: Kira Pollack
Director: Éamonn Ó Cualáin
Producer: Paul Moakley
Editor: Conal de Cléir
Coordinating Producer: Tara Johnson


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