Zulu America
April 25, 2017 by Joseph Litzinger in Documentary 0 Comments

When radio personality Dark Sevier (of “The Clark & Dark Show”) received an email from an African Prince, he thought the same thing most of us would think; he thought it was a scam. When the “Prince” asked Clark & Dark to address his subjects over the radio, the ever-skeptical Dark sensed an opportunity for comedy. Dark produced a special broadcast directed at the Zulu people. This snarky 1-hour show was designed to poke fun at the email and even utilized clips from Eddie Murphy’s “Coming to America”…. after all, they figured the whole thing was a hoax anyhow! Shockingly, after checking their radio stats the next day—and seeing that their listenership had jumped 32,000 percent—Clark & Dark realized the “Prince” might actually be legitimate! What they didn’t realize was that they’d soon become known as “the voice of America” to an isolated tribe in South Africa. Coming soon….

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Will Work For Views
February 24, 2016 by Interesting Human in Documentary 0 Comments

Way ahead of his time – before YouTube, before Snapchat, before Facebook and even before the internet itself – Paul Petroskey started filming himself performing song parodies, music videos and unboxing videos, video blogging, sharing reviews and telling jokes. Now, thirty years and one thousand videos later, in the age of overnight YouTube sensations, Paul’s “overnight” still has not come.  Everyday, Paul works for the views that fill his soul in hopes of also paying his bills and struggles with the question that all artists must face – when (if ever) do you give up on your dreams?   Coming Soon.

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Formosa Forever
February 24, 2016 by Interesting Human in Documentary, Shorts 0 Comments

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