Zulu America

April 25, 2017 by Joseph Litzinger in Documentary
Zulu America

When radio personality Dark Sevier (of “The Clark & Dark Show”) received an email from an African Prince, he thought the same thing most of us would think; he thought it was a scam. When the “Prince” asked Clark & Dark to address his subjects over the radio, the ever-skeptical Dark sensed an opportunity for comedy. Dark produced a special broadcast directed at the Zulu people. This snarky 1-hour show was designed to poke fun at the email and even utilized clips from Eddie Murphy’s “Coming to America”…. after all, they figured the whole thing was a hoax anyhow! Shockingly, after checking their radio stats the next day—and seeing that their listenership had jumped 32,000 percent—Clark & Dark realized the “Prince” might actually be legitimate! What they didn’t realize was that they’d soon become known as “the voice of America” to an isolated tribe in South Africa.

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