Sarah found what made her happy and held on tight.

Sarah found what made her happy and held on tight.

Its almost as if I’m not thinking about what I’m doing, my breathing changes, my mind just kind of clears and I go to a different place


It started with Chiquita Banana Stickers. Everyone has a vice – and Sarah DiNardo’s is rolling tape.

At a young age, Sarah’s mom not only taught her to see the beauty in something for what it was but also for what something could potentially become. Sarah’s story is an inspirational one for it is very unique. Odd? Maybe. But that’s what makes the documentary fascinating.

Sarah’s passion for making art out of rolling stickers helps her achieve the stillness, peace and happiness she craves. For Sarah, the resistance of pulling your fingers off of something sticky and exploring what you are holding is exciting. Sarah’s message is strong – find what makes you happy and hold on tight.

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