There’s millions of stories out there, each one unique and interesting. Some of them are exceptionally so; these are the stories that beg to be captured and shared. These are the stories that light a fire in us, that speak to our hearts, and that provide insight into our own lives.Our passion is hearing those stories and finding a beautiful way to share them with the world. Our passion is storytelling.

Awards & Accolades

«Interesting Human Media is able to assist with a vast variety of needs from creative help, to logistics and distribution. They always had an answer to my question.»

«I've had the pleasure of working with Interesting Human Media for many years now. They have a vast knowledge of the documentary world. They are extremely talented. Their passion is evident.»

«Interesting Human Media truly understands how to make documentaries. They were able to assist from pre-production to distribution.»

«Zulu Summer was a refreshing documentary. It's message was authentic and impactful. The theme of our oneness with one another is certainly one that is needed. Do yourself and your open heart a favor and watch Zulu Sum»

«I love Interesting Human!  Joe is the most amazing person ever and anything he says or does is incredible.  He's so talented!»

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