Chopped and Screwed: The Final Mixtape

RELEASE DATE: DROPPING IN FALL OF 2021! SYNOPSIS “CHOPPED AND SCREWED: THE FINAL MIXTAPE” will explore the history of DJ Screw, his signature sound, his struggles with police brutality and racism, and his impact on contemporary music and culture 20 years after his death.  the film gives a first-hand account of Screw’s life from the people closest to the icon and various artist influenced by him today. Growing up in SMITHVILLE, TX The Houston implant quickly went from A novice DJ performing at skating rinks and bowling alleys, to packing night clubs and selling thousands of mixtapes daily.  AS A key player in THE 90’S southern rap scene, DJ Screw and his screwed up click popularized “Lean”, “Slabs” and chopped and screwed music. before seeing the fruits of his labor, Screw tragically died from an overdose of Codeine – or so most people believe.  Riddled with creative ingenuity, issues of social injustice, a tragic connection to George Floyd’s murder and an exploration of his untimely death, CHOPPED AND SCREWED: THE FINAL MIXTAPE uses archival footage, contemporary stylized interviews, never before seen photos, reenactments and animation to reveal the undocumented history of the man behind one of music’s most utilized, yet […]

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Rise is a doc about…. 

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Life Below Zero

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